Healing the Little You in You!

Healing the Little You in You!

Most people experience some form of chaos in their lives, and a lot of times this chaos is happening from within and not necessarily on the outside.

Getting in touch with your inner child aspect when these situations erupt can be very powerful in healing the situation.

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3 Keys and Benefits of Focusing on the Positives in Life

3 Keys and Benefits of Focusing on the Positives in Life


“When you focus on problems, you will have more problems. When you focus on possibilities you’ll have more opportunities”.


Life can be happening for you or happening to you! This comes down to what you choose to focus on. You can focus on life being challenging and hard and accept that a lot of things are just not meant to be. Or you can focus on life being full of opportunities. Even the darkest of times and challenges you experience you still chose to see them as opportunities to grow and develop. These are the two mentalities you could adopt and I believe it is fair to say that majority of the worldview live from the perspective of the first one I mentioned.


Most people adopt their set of beliefs that are provided to us as children from our TV shows, schools, religions etc. I’m not stating that all the beliefs are bad but more so, the fact that a lot of people are willing to accept what they have been told is all there is. A true belief is one that created from experience because it is true to you.


There are many evident based studies conducted on how positivity can improve one’s life. If you were to only see the positives and opportunities in life, imagine how your quality of life would be?


I have marked out a list of benefits in adopting this perspective.


Be Optimistic – You might of heard the two types of thinking ‘the optimists vs pessimists. I’m not going to explore too much of the pessimists in this article but more so explore the optimist. The optimistic person will always see the positive and the opportunity in events and life. Being optimist means trusting that good will come of the situation. A lot of people wish they were more of an optimist, but I’m sure some of them will tell you that they just weren’t born that way. We have the ability to change our perspective on life. Some of us it may come easier and some of us it might be a bit more challenging to change. The fact is we all can look at the brighter things in life and its guaranteed as a result you will feel healthier and happier.


“Those individuals that choose to stay positive can work a lot more efficiently under pressure to make better decisions”.


Being Grateful – is a must in life because the opposite of gratitude is expectation and disappointment. Most people that don’t have a gratitude attitude can live very worried and stressed lives, and this way of thinking usually comes with some anxiety. A lot of arguments in relationship’s are from some form of expectation that wasn’t met, now I’m saying this shouldn’t happen, but if it is constantly happening in your relationship than maybe its time to change the focus and be grateful for the good things you have in your relationship not the things you don’t have. Being grateful is a way of being present and when your anxious is usually from you worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet in the future. When you get to a high level of gratitude life and everything that enter becomes a gift.


Awareness – One of the biggest addictions that humans have in this world is negative thinking. Most people just need to think negative all the time, now I don’t believe anyone wants to think like that. I believe what happens after you have been doing something for so long (eg negative thinking) it becomes a part of you and it will require you do something different to change the behaviour. One of the easiest ways to clear your thoughts is to open up your awareness. As broad and simple as that sounds it is true. When you open up your awareness and peripheral to what you’re feeling, hearing and seeing you become more present within the moment. Negative thoughts are never present, they are either past related or future related. So when you open up your awareness you are truly living in the moment and experiencing life at its best.


When you choose to focus on having a positive life, Opportunities arise everywhere, you’re performing at a higher level in life. All of these benefits are possible just from changing your perspective to every wrong there are many rights. No matter what the situation there is always a positive to learn and see.


Peace and Love  

Michael Sorgiovanni 



7 Ways to Say “No”

7 Ways to Say “No”


When you say ‘Yes’ to others, make sure you are not saying ‘No’ to yourself!

-Paulo Coelho



If you are someone that has trouble saying “no” then this article is for you. We all have troubles saying “no” to different people, whether it is your friends, boss, supervisor, or family. Sometimes circumstances may appear that they can’t be avoided and if we don’t say yes then who will. Then there’s those other times when you just needed to say “no” but you said, “yes”. This can be a very disempowering and exhausting act dependent on how big the battle is within yourself in the instance. In scenarios like this one mentioned, we can just do whatever the other person wants to avoid something we are not quite sure of, we avoid and fear it so much that you can decide in their favour within seconds. There are predominately 4 main reasons you avoid saying “no” for and they are as follows:


  1. You don’t want to disappoint the person or anyone else.

  2. You don’t want to be rude.

  3. It is just easier to say yes because your “no” might be questioned.

  4. Or you might even be afraid of lost opportunities.



So what could happen if you were to say “yes” instead of “no”? Maybe you might not have time to get a task done and you end up disappointing the person anyway because, it wasn’t done efficiently and with attention. In another scenario you could even be left feeling down about yourself because you have ended up doing something you really don’t want to be doing and the outcome could be terrible, in these scenarios people would generally sabotage the experience from the disappointment of saying “yes”. Ask yourself is this all worth the effort? Continually saying, “yes” to everyone can really take away a powerful component to life and that is your individuality, your right to choose to do and experience what you want to do. Life is way to short to live and experience through the eyes of other people. It is important to say “no” and here are 7 things you could implement that will help you build that aspect of yourself:



  • Be straight out! This may not be the first choice for many but it is the most effective. If you are assertive with your “no” then there shouldn’t be any room for someone to question it.



  • Respond with a question. “Doing this means I couldn’t do________this week. Is that good trade? If the expectations are unrealistic then put the options on the table. People will always respond differently when there are options, it gives them power to choose.



  • Sorry but I can’t! This is a “no” but can be perceived as very brutal sometimes. E.g. a friend asks you to catch up but you have deadlines on an assignment or project. Politely apologise and tell them you have to decline this time but maybe will make it next time, and then communicate your reasons.



  • A soft brush off! Ok, so there may be times you can’t always give a straight answer. What do you do then? Be honest, tell them you are held up with something and you will call them back to discuss. Do make sure you do call or message them back as you don’t want to be rude to the individual.



  • Buy time! Sometimes you might no be able to give an answer or even have a suitable argument in case it is a “no”. In this case, buy time. Tell them that for whatever reasons you can’t commit immediately and you will get back to them after giving it some thought.



  • Give an alternative! It really depends on the scenario and the person you are dealing with, providing an alternative solution can work wonders. No doubt there have been countless amounts of times you had a better idea but never spoke up.



  • Say the word “no”. There are two parts to this category:


  1. Practice saying “no”, you can just say it to yourself or say it in the mirror. There are many therapeutic strategies that are based around talking to a pillow. In this instance practice saying no to the pillow, this will feel so weird at first but when you get comfortable just saying the word to something it will become easier with people.


  1. Push yourself to say “no” to people. This is a challenge; and for 7 days aim to say no. Obviously you will have to say yes to the things you need to but this is more about making it a daily ritual and being conscious that every time someone asks you something you will have to look for real reasons to say yes or else it is a no. For the best results I challenge you to count and write down every time you say no and yes. Have fun with it. If you do this challenge I would love to hear your feedback and growth.


These are just a few effective ways to say “no” but the right strategy is one that works with you in situations and always comes from you not someone else. You presence and opportunity to grow into your individuality is a gift, look after it and empower it.


Peace and Love

Michael Sorgiovanni


How to be happy! 8 Steps to Gain Confidence Within Yourself!

How to be happy! 8 Steps to Gain Confidence Within Yourself


“When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things”.

Joe Namath

How to be happy? It’s no word of lie that being confident in life just makes things that bit easier. It can assist you in making decisions and having a more stable life and even feeling a lot more free. Being more confident can help you to stop comparing yourself to others and undermining yourself. You will be less destructive and definitely be more appealing in your relationships. Really think about it, who doesn’t love someone who’s happier, confident and cheerful?


To require this confidence you need to ask yourself some questions. What do you want personally? Do you want to feel more confident about yourself? Do you want have that certainty in yourself and not rely on others validation or approval? Do you want to free yourself from the chains that hold you back from being you? If you answered yes to any of the questions than it is clear that you want to be more confident in life.


Here a few simple ways to implement in your life that will increase your confidence levels and how to be happy easily:


1.Laugh & Smile! These are two easy steps to do. It is not rocket science to know that when you are smiling or laughing you are feeling good. When you express yourself in such a way your brain releases these great chemicals through your body and it just makes you good in yourself.


2.Accept Yourself! Love and accept yourself for who you are even if there are things that you are not comfortable with. When you love and approve of your self as you are, you give yourself permission to be you.


3.Never Compare! You are here to live your own life and to create your own experiences not to live through other people’s eyes and expectations. When you stop comparing yourself to others it allows to focus on strengthening your own unique qualities.


4.Be Passionate. Find what makes you passionate in life and feed more energy into it. This is only going to make you happier and more confident within yourself.


4.Preparation! Always prepare yourself for an adventure. A hiker that is going to climb a mountain is always prepared as if they don’t have all their gear set up they are not going to have the confidence to make achieve the mission.


5.Social! You may feel uncomfortable in public or socializing and that is a good thing as it is an opportunity to grow in this area. Challenge yourself to open conversations with people and stay in them. If you do this overtime your confidence will grow. It’s like building muscle the more you train to stronger you get.


6.Saying No! Learn to say no more to people. If you are person that is always saying yes to people than you are disempowering yourself. Say no more and do what is best for you and take more control of yourself and decisions.


7.Health! Last but not least look after yourself physically. When you eat well and exercise it makes you feel good. Making healthy choices in life helps you think clearer and be more confident in life.


These are just a few steps that will assist you in gaining more confidence in life and how to be happy as fast as you can.

Peace & Love 

Michael Sorgiovanni