3 Keys and Benefits of Focusing on the Positives in Life


“When you focus on problems, you will have more problems. When you focus on possibilities you’ll have more opportunities”.


Life can be happening for you or happening to you! This comes down to what you choose to focus on. You can focus on life being challenging and hard and accept that a lot of things are just not meant to be. Or you can focus on life being full of opportunities. Even the darkest of times and challenges you experience you still chose to see them as opportunities to grow and develop. These are the two mentalities you could adopt and I believe it is fair to say that majority of the worldview live from the perspective of the first one I mentioned.


Most people adopt their set of beliefs that are provided to us as children from our TV shows, schools, religions etc. I’m not stating that all the beliefs are bad but more so, the fact that a lot of people are willing to accept what they have been told is all there is. A true belief is one that created from experience because it is true to you.


There are many evident based studies conducted on how positivity can improve one’s life. If you were to only see the positives and opportunities in life, imagine how your quality of life would be?


I have marked out a list of benefits in adopting this perspective.


Be Optimistic – You might of heard the two types of thinking ‘the optimists vs pessimists. I’m not going to explore too much of the pessimists in this article but more so explore the optimist. The optimistic person will always see the positive and the opportunity in events and life. Being optimist means trusting that good will come of the situation. A lot of people wish they were more of an optimist, but I’m sure some of them will tell you that they just weren’t born that way. We have the ability to change our perspective on life. Some of us it may come easier and some of us it might be a bit more challenging to change. The fact is we all can look at the brighter things in life and its guaranteed as a result you will feel healthier and happier.


“Those individuals that choose to stay positive can work a lot more efficiently under pressure to make better decisions”.


Being Grateful – is a must in life because the opposite of gratitude is expectation and disappointment. Most people that don’t have a gratitude attitude can live very worried and stressed lives, and this way of thinking usually comes with some anxiety. A lot of arguments in relationship’s are from some form of expectation that wasn’t met, now I’m saying this shouldn’t happen, but if it is constantly happening in your relationship than maybe its time to change the focus and be grateful for the good things you have in your relationship not the things you don’t have. Being grateful is a way of being present and when your anxious is usually from you worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet in the future. When you get to a high level of gratitude life and everything that enter becomes a gift.


Awareness – One of the biggest addictions that humans have in this world is negative thinking. Most people just need to think negative all the time, now I don’t believe anyone wants to think like that. I believe what happens after you have been doing something for so long (eg negative thinking) it becomes a part of you and it will require you do something different to change the behaviour. One of the easiest ways to clear your thoughts is to open up your awareness. As broad and simple as that sounds it is true. When you open up your awareness and peripheral to what you’re feeling, hearing and seeing you become more present within the moment. Negative thoughts are never present, they are either past related or future related. So when you open up your awareness you are truly living in the moment and experiencing life at its best.


When you choose to focus on having a positive life, Opportunities arise everywhere, you’re performing at a higher level in life. All of these benefits are possible just from changing your perspective to every wrong there are many rights. No matter what the situation there is always a positive to learn and see.


Peace and Love  

Michael Sorgiovanni