How to be happy! 8 Steps to Gain Confidence Within Yourself


“When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things”.

Joe Namath

How to be happy? It’s no word of lie that being confident in life just makes things that bit easier. It can assist you in making decisions and having a more stable life and even feeling a lot more free. Being more confident can help you to stop comparing yourself to others and undermining yourself. You will be less destructive and definitely be more appealing in your relationships. Really think about it, who doesn’t love someone who’s happier, confident and cheerful?


To require this confidence you need to ask yourself some questions. What do you want personally? Do you want to feel more confident about yourself? Do you want have that certainty in yourself and not rely on others validation or approval? Do you want to free yourself from the chains that hold you back from being you? If you answered yes to any of the questions than it is clear that you want to be more confident in life.


Here a few simple ways to implement in your life that will increase your confidence levels and how to be happy easily:


1.Laugh & Smile! These are two easy steps to do. It is not rocket science to know that when you are smiling or laughing you are feeling good. When you express yourself in such a way your brain releases these great chemicals through your body and it just makes you good in yourself.


2.Accept Yourself! Love and accept yourself for who you are even if there are things that you are not comfortable with. When you love and approve of your self as you are, you give yourself permission to be you.


3.Never Compare! You are here to live your own life and to create your own experiences not to live through other people’s eyes and expectations. When you stop comparing yourself to others it allows to focus on strengthening your own unique qualities.


4.Be Passionate. Find what makes you passionate in life and feed more energy into it. This is only going to make you happier and more confident within yourself.


4.Preparation! Always prepare yourself for an adventure. A hiker that is going to climb a mountain is always prepared as if they don’t have all their gear set up they are not going to have the confidence to make achieve the mission.


5.Social! You may feel uncomfortable in public or socializing and that is a good thing as it is an opportunity to grow in this area. Challenge yourself to open conversations with people and stay in them. If you do this overtime your confidence will grow. It’s like building muscle the more you train to stronger you get.


6.Saying No! Learn to say no more to people. If you are person that is always saying yes to people than you are disempowering yourself. Say no more and do what is best for you and take more control of yourself and decisions.


7.Health! Last but not least look after yourself physically. When you eat well and exercise it makes you feel good. Making healthy choices in life helps you think clearer and be more confident in life.


These are just a few steps that will assist you in gaining more confidence in life and how to be happy as fast as you can.

Peace & Love 

Michael Sorgiovanni