3 Ways That Will Help You Stop Worrying About What Other People Think



“What you think of yourself is far more important

what other people think of you”


Unfortunately one of the world’s largest addictions is the need to think negative. As humans or I will refer to this concept as “egos”, we have a strong need to compare and worry about things that do not serve us any benefit in our own selves and life. We can tend to get so caught up on what another person would think if we did something and also can fall into that feeling as if we are always going to miss out because we are living in others people’s reality. This behaviour is like procrastinating because we require another person’s invisible approval to experience. We all have been guilty of these actions from some point in our life and completely not caring can be easier said than done.


From such a young age we are bought up into a world that judgment is our only way to assess something or someone. The good news is it doesn’t have to be like this and after these 3 steps you can experience the sense of freedom in your own individuality as much as you intend to.


Here are a few ways to do that:


Love yourself!


It is that simply said. Putting yourself first before others is a way of connecting with yourself, and the more you connect with yourself the more love you will find.


It can be the easier choice to put others first because initially it takes the least amount of energy because all you have to say is yes and let them take care of the rest, but unfortunately a lot of times it will require the most amount of energy in the long run because you are motivated by emotions that are not from love.


Say you love yourself and practice accepting yourself as you are and eventually you will love and accept yourself as you are. Our most powerful tool and weapon against ego and negativity is love. It is the will of letting go. When you are in this space you are present and focused on yourself and your life, not in your ego and caring about what others may think and do.


Know who you are!


Everyone has talents and skills, and there might be some people who don’t appreciate your skills and talents – that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t either! Pleasing others is not your task, your task it to impress yourself and progress. This is your life and it can be as short and you want it to be because when we live and experience through other people’s eyes time just gets away from us. You should know your strengths and weaknesses and if you don’t then learn them. You might have some people that come into your life and test you and say you can’t do it. What you do from there is what makes you as an individual and it is when you step into your own power. Once you know what your power feels like then ride it and pursue your dreams.


Stay Positive!


It is important to always see the positive in all things. Life will throw some things at you and they can either break you or make you. The easiest way to let go and overcome painful experiences is 1. Don’t take them personal and 2. Look for the learning in the experience. There is always a positive learning for you to take and grow from it. Don’t expect things to happen, create them.


What is good for another may not be good for you. You can’t please everyone but what you can do is please yourself with positive experiences.


These ideas may be easier said than done but if you make a choice to be disciplined, in no time you will adapt these self-empowerment beliefs and free yourself of the burden of other people having some form of control over your life.

Peace & Love

Passion to Purpose Coach

Michael Sorgiovanni