8 Keys to Having a Successful Relationship With Yourself


“When you’re different, sometimes you don’t see the millions of people who accept you for what you are. All you notice is the person who doesn’t.”
Jodi Picoult 

In a world that everything has gone fast paced and digital, maintaining a successful relationship with you is vital

The daily news is focused on the negative and most people just seem to have their opinions on everything these days, what might seem good for you might not seem good for others. When you listen and take on the opinions of others, life can become conflicting, and everything you do can feel like a task more so than a choice. This is why you need to keep yourself clear from the drama and spend more time with yourself. One of your main purposes in life is to find your own individuality and experience life through your own eyes, not through someone else’s set of beliefs and experiences.


Is it possible to have a successful relationship with yourself? Yes it is. A well-known fact is that you wont be able to have a successful relationship with anyone if you don’t have one with yourself!


Here are 8 keys to having a successful relationship with yourself.




Don’t be a people pleaser! – Understand that it is not possible to please everyone and if your try to, you will eventually burn yourself out, it can be very exhausting doing things for the wrong reasons. Instead of working towards being someone that everyone likes, works towards being the person you love!




Exercise– There is nothing better than breaking out a sweat or just taking a walk in nature to improve your mood and get a successful relationship. If you have a park or beach near you, head out an go for a walk and have no expectations, just soak it all in and relax.




Use affirmations– whatever you are trying to achieve with yourself or others, having a positive outlook will only make it easier. Positivity is addictive and contagious for a reason. Use affirmations to bring out positivity in your life, it will leave you feeling happier and more confident.




Surround yourself with good vibes – Spend some time with people that care about you. It could be friends or relatives – spending time with people that want to see you do good, will make you feel good.




Love – Remember this, if you can’t love yourself, no one else can! Do the things that you want to do because you deserve it and know that you are amazing. Be kind and loving to yourself with every experience that happens in your life. You deserve good, even when things may appear bad.




Be Grateful – for everything you have in your life because after all it is your life and everything is in it. Life is all perspective, you either see the bad, or you can see the good in things, simple! When you are grateful for your life, the people and experiences you have, everything else that enters becomes a gift.




Be Healthy – Did you know that many psychological and emotional issues stem from a lack of nutrition? You have neurological connections all through your body, so if you feed it crap your going to feel like crap. Taking care of your health and the one body you have on this earth should be important to you. Eating right, exercise regularly and you will feel happy, confident and have a successful relationship.  




Feed your Inner Child – Last but not least feed your inner child and have some fun! It’s ok to be silly sometimes and laugh, do something you wouldn’t normally do and feed your inner child’s appetite for fun and excitement. There is a little you inside and he/she craves your attention.

I am sure you are able to get a successful relationship with yourself.





It is a common belief to many that meeting your soul mate and getting married, starting a family will make you happy. Yes there is some major truth within this experience, but there is also statistical truth that many people loose themselves in these experiences. Establishing a relationship with you will eliminate the possibility of joining the statistics and instead it will help you have full and happy life.


Peace & Love

Michael Sorgiovanni