Our first love will be our last love!

“You are born alone, and you die alone”


As confronting as the above quote might be, it actually is the truth. You were born into this world a beautiful soul and humanised into the body you now reside in. A spiritual being with a purpose to have a human experience of individuality. 


In current times, If there were to be a reason why so many relationships end and mental and physical illness is on the rise, It would be from humanities biggest form of abuse over the previous centuries. 


“The Neglected Self” 


Humans have abused theirselves for too many years by neglecting the one true thing they came into this world with. 


We live in a time where it is common to search for love to be loved, people expect good health with bad health choices, and people seek a positive life with negative ways. ~ Conflict at its best! 


“The is no greater power on this earth than self love, “. 


The solution….


If you love yourself others can love you, and love is something you chose to give to others, it is not a need nor a requirement. The only “must” is the love you give yourself because is sets the foundation of your whole life, to how you think, how you feel, how your treated in this beautiful world we live in.


When you love yourself you will…


1. Respect your body – educate yourself on food and exercise and give your body what it requires. 


2. Respect your Mind – Expand your consciousness, develop emotional intelligence and do what is required to think positive, feel and live positive. 


3. Connect – seek truth in all things that make you happy, respect the earth and all its creatures, fill your soul with joy. Remember how to breath and tune into the world of absolute. 


~The world can only change when you do~


If I were to ask you how your day begins and how does it ends? What would you say?


Peace and Love 
Michael Sorgiovanni 


How was your yesterday?

What will your today be like?

You are given a fresh start today, it’s a new day and a chance to make it a wonderful one where you shine.

Challenge yourself today; make it a positive day, so positive that you only see, hear and feel the positive in everything situation.

Be present -> when you live in gratitude for all things we are present.

Open up your awareness to what your feeling inside your heart and what you see all around you, expand your prereferral vision, if your awareness is synch to how your feeling and what is happening around you then you are present and therefor there is no place for negative chatter to occur.

Today’s affirmation:

“I am a powerful loving being.”

Presence is Power!

Much Love

Michael Sorgiovanni 
Transformational Coach 

Love Is Free

Love is Free!

I will use this amazing statement with different people on a weekly basis, and what this actually means is being present in yourself and only yourself.

Understating that love is free and everyone has their own free will. Love can not be manipulated, it can not be controlled.

Love is the most powerful source in existence and if there is one thing everyone of us have in common is we all seek it on some level.

When you try to control love it is going to give you a certain reaction and no matter what the context, Relationships -family- friends. Trying to control and cage love is equivalent to an atomic bomb waiting to explode.

Love means letting go, if you love someone or something you let it free and this also refers to yourself, as everything is merely a reflection of you anyway.

Much Love

Michael Sorgiovanni

You Have One Life In this Body…

The easiest thing you could do is watch life just run away from you with time. Or you could Wonder?

What if you had the opportunity in this life to create your ultimate dreams?

Well you do have the opportunity to manifest whatever you desire because you are the architect of your life and only you can build it or destroy it! 
You are also the only one that can tell yourself you “can’t” and that “You Can”

It all comes down to choices and decisions.

What will you choose for this life?

Where will you be in 5 years if you don’t take action?

What will you gain if you do?