7 patterns that you are not inline with your purpose


“The quest for your purpose is not a straight line. It is filled with mystery, signs, obstacles, victories, dead ends, delays and detours. Your job is to stay optimistic and faithful on your quest”. Jon Gordon

We all have this similar goal and it is to aspire to live freely and in complete bliss. We all have more in common with each other than what we don’t. This being said why do some of us have such different life journeys?

The common individual ends up doing what is right or practical that indicates happiness. Living on the right road becomes very unfortunate for many because there is no right road set in place to live a happy life provided to us. Many people loose their happiness and just become existing, instead of living. It becomes a routine and repetitive boring life without heart, soul, or happiness. Consistently feeling there is something missing and possibly expressing in complaints. It is at this point you wonder what went wrong and ponder. It is because you are not living your purpose and lack any passion.

Here are few things that will indicate you are not living your life purpose!

1. Searching: If you are constantly wondering what you are missing in life and searching for the missing link, you are not living your purpose.

2. You’re here: Why do you think you are reading this post? Because, you feel like you are missing something in life – your purpose and landed here in hopes to find it! Your inner self is always searching for what you truly desire, the question is are you seeing it?

3. You aren’t happy: No matter what you do or what you’ve achieved, you aren’t happy. You could be living a dream – luxury, money, loving family, career, fame, and what not! Yet, you aren’t happy and feel something is missing, while everyone who looks at you from outside think you are living a dream – you aren’t living your purpose.

4. Fear of the unknown: You know this isn’t what you are meant to do, but still stuck with it for practical reasons or because you don’t want to leave your routine life – your net of safety in pursuit of the unknown, you aren’t living your purpose

5. Disconnect: Do you feel your life isn’t what it is meant to be and that you aren’t sure about life, though it looks like you have everything you need for a intended and happy life? It means you aren’t living your purpose.

6. Just existing: Every morning you wake up, but aren’t excited for the new day you’ve been given? If you aren’t excited, you are not passionate about what you do. You are just existing and not living? You are not living your purpose.

7. Last but not the least – doing things for the approval of others! There are times when we feel pressured to do stuff for others – it could be your parents’ approval, to appease or impress your loved one, etc. You do things you probably don’t want to do but think others expect it from you, so you end up doing it – you could be living someone else’s life.

We are born into this beautiful world and all be a purpose on this earth to fulfill. Some of us are not even aware of this notion consciously. You have so much to give to this world, why would you choose just to follow the crowd and be like everyone else? Your gift of individuality should be empowered and promoted to serve a purpose. Life can be very short and if we think we have all the time in the world than we really won’t challenge ourselves to do more because we could always do it later. Find your purpose, search within yourself and live the life you were born to!

It begins with finding your passion. Check out this article on 7 steps to create passion -> https://livingyourpowernow.com/7-steps-to-create-passion-in-your-life/

Peace & Love 

Michael Sorgiovanni 


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