In the past 15 years I have invested in transforming my life and studied various forms of self-improvement modalities, and if there were to be something profound and simple that I could take from all of the years and lessons and share it in an article it would be the topic of being present.


What does being present mean to you?


I think firstly experiencing and understanding what not being present would assist and benefit you in really knowing what being present in life actually is.


Ok so here’s a short spill:


Our “System” is designed in such a way to condition and program an individual to think and live in the future and past but to not to stay in the present.


One of the reason’s anxiety and depression are on an all time high is because the lack of truthful education provided to people. We live in a time where diagnosis and prescription are the answer for people’s issues and all preventatives and solutions are a form of holistic practice or something that is deemed as uncommon to real life.


We are amazing creative multi dimensional beings and are not designed to be medicated and imprisoned. We are here to experience life and experiment with it to grow and evolve into self-loving manifesting people.


One of the greatest positive changes you can make it to start thinking outside the box. This term is used a great deal in many areas, for this purpose, practice it in the context of your life and journey as a whole and the true answers will just suddenly appear to assist.


If you follow these 3 things I guarantee that the world you see will change profoundly.


  1. Gratitude Journal


Create a gratitude journal. Write three entries in it every morning of things that you are grateful for in you life. Most of us wake up every morning thinking and trying to plan the day out and sometimes overwhelm ourselves with thoughts and this sets our whole mood and energy for the day. If you start your day off with a positive mindset it will reflect through out the course of the day.

Your brain has been programmed to think a certain way and the only way to change the program is through reputation. Three things you are grateful for everyday for the rest of your life!

If you are grateful for life then you are living in the present. The majority of our society is living in the future, putting expectations on life and in their minds creating events that haven’t taken place yet that causes anxiety. Anxiety in most common cases is merely a person experiencing an event in the future, that hasn’t even taken place yet. It has become a form of normal thinking that most people have no clue on what they are actually anxious about anymore.

If you do your research you will find that the most happy and successful people in the world have a gratitude ritual that they do everyday.


  1. Stop watching the daily news.


Think about this just for a minute.

Your Brain/Neurology is designed to be programmed by the environment and information you feed it, and then to create the paradigm that you live in and experience everyday.

If your are watching a box that delivers nothing but negative stories and experiences from around the world then your perspective on the world is gong to be a negative one. There is so many miracles and positive things happening everyday, you just have to open to seeing them. If you are always focussing on the negative you are not allowing yourself fully to be open to the positive that is all around you. If you are concerned about missing the news, reality is stories that are important will always find their way to you through socialising or some other form of social media platform.

As impossible as this might seem to some of you reading this, if you were to give up watching the news every night It is guaranteed that how you see the world will change significantly in a short period.


  1. Take Responsibility for the way you feel. 


The easiest thing you can do is blame someone for the way they made you feel.

It is impossible for someone to make you feel a certain way because they are your emotions that you are feeling not someone else’s. Take responsibility for your own emotions, every experience you have in life whether it be negative or positive there is something important to learn form it. If there is something you don’t like in someone than it is only a reflection on something you don’t like in yourself because how else would you know you didn’t like if it wasn’t presented to you.

Treat life as a school the more you learn the more you excel.

When you take responsibility for your own feelings and actions it is where the healing begins and as you acknowledge these qualities and behaviours in yourself you begin to shift, change and grow as a person and the experiences you have with people change to more positive ones.

There is beauty in everything and everyone and the way to see it all is to see it in you first.


“Clear the Clutter and Be Present” 


Enjoy, I intend that this has a profound and positive impact in your daily life.


Much Love

Michael Sorgiovanni 

Transformational Coach