In Life we are blessed with the ability to make choices, we can choose how we want to feel, we can choose what direction we travel in, and we can choose who we surround and share our lives with. One thing is guaranteed that every choice made will have a consequence, whether it will be a positive or negative consequence is determined by your choice.  

There are two main directions you may travel in life; one being the “Victim” and the other the “Victor” . As humans we are born a victim, and it is through our schooling, our religion, our society that teaches us how to become a better victim in life. So many people will find more excuses for why they didn’t do something they wanted to do. 

As spiritual being’s having a human experience  we can’t but help being curious, and it is when we see a different perspective that feels right, we tune into the Victor. The Victor is the winner, he see’s truth and balance and seeks solutions to issues at hand. The Victor knows that responsibility is the key to freedom.

Who do you choose to be in your life?

The Victim or

The Victor.

Your were born to choose and live as the Victor.

Much Love

Michael Sorgiovanni

Living Your Power Now