7 Steps To Create Passion In Your Life




“People who create passion

can make the impossible happen!”


Why would we need passion in our life and what is it for?


I believe any type of success or achievement has a passion component attached to it. Passion is the feeling behind motivation that fills your heart with joy and the feeling behind achievement that leaves you feeling grateful.


If you ask successful individuals about their secret of success, and I use the term success in this post to refer to all contexts in life in your relationships, self-improvement, career, business, health etc. They will all tell you only one thing – whatever you do, do it with passion! Hard work and dedication plays a role, but passion plays a key role in determining one’s success.


When you are passionate about something, success and happiness comes automatically. There is a powerful force within all of us and tapping into this source aligns you with your true authentic self. It happens when you get passionate about something and acknowledging the passion and acting on it.


So many people either don’t know what they are passionate about or a burdened with limiting circumstances and beliefs that cloud the will to be passion, and instead of even trying to make a change they lower their standard in life and just do what they think they know is best.



What is life without passion?

You won’t be living, just pushing through and existing.

How can you have a passionate life?


Ask yourself these questions to help you identify your passion:


  • What makes you happy? There should be something in your life right now that you think you couldn’t do without!


  • What is that something you find natural that others don’t? There are times when you do something and others tell you that isn’t easy! It is easy and natural for you; because you’re passionate about it, Acknowledge the feeling when you do this.


  • What pushes you to be creative? When you’re passionate about something you are naturally creative and finding ways to make things better. Tap into this creative side .


  • What is that you’re passionate about that you aren’t bothered about the compensation? In fact, what would you be willing to do for free and get satisfaction out of!


  • What are you very sure about? In most cases, when you are passionate about something, you just know that’s what you have to do and there’s nothing that can stop you, including a fear of failure – because, it doesn’t exist, all that exists is your vision of getting it done.




You want to Create Passion?

Living a life with passion doesn’t just happen, you have to create passion, if you have been living a life that has been unsatisfied and you always seem to find yourself disappointed with people and things, Then there needs to be a big shift in you psychology and habits, to create passion. Our environments we have been exposed to in our life condition us, and it is up to you as the individual to make the changes required to live with passion. Some of us require more that just action steps, there might be some deeper emotions or unconscious patterns affecting your life that need to be released. The first step you must do is to make the decision that you want the change, and when you want to lead a passionate life, here are few steps to follow, how you can create passion:


7 Steps to create passion:

1.Start with a list writing down on what you are grateful in your life for. Every one of us will have several aspects to be thankful for and if you don’t know where to start – start with showing gratitude because you are alive, have a roof over your head, have food to satisfy your hunger, etc. Gratitude is the key to being present and the only way to be truly happy is to be present with in you.


 2.Accept what life threw at you. We are only given what we can handle in life. There is a lesson to be learnt in everything that happens to you or for you, be the student that learns and grows from the experiences. Everyone has their own problems to overcome you just need to focus on yours first. Be grateful that you were able to overcome and still stand to share your story.


 3.Determine your skills, talents, positives, etc. Everyone will have skills, attributes, and talents that are unique. It doesn’t have to be unique, but you possessing skills and talents that are assets are more important. Empower these qualities about yourself change your focus from disempowering to empowering. Be grateful for those and recognize them as your assets with gratitude.


 4.Everything happens for a reason. Take responsibility for your life, you are the sole creator of your life and journey and you are in control of how you feel. It is easy to fall into the trap that someone or something made you feel a certain way. “Not true” They are your emotions and feelings and the trigger lives’ in you to resolve not in any external experience or person. Be proactive not reactive. Learn what need to be learnt and grow from your experiences. Be grateful for them.


 5.Decide you are going to give your best shot in everything you do and that you deserve more out of life, irrespective of what life handed out you. You’re worth everything and more! Tell yourself you deserve it, Fight for it and Create Passion for it.


 6.Discipline yourself to work towards your goals. Action over perfection. Make it a must to progress in your everyday day life and it doesn’t matter what areas in life you are progressing in, the fact of the matter when you are progressing, your achieving so therefor you are happy.


 7.Never compromise when you can be more and strive for what you could achieve. Even so, never forget what you have and what you did you reach where you are today. When you grow as an individual it is not always the case that others around you will grow and there will be times you will be challenged to go back to how you did things before. “don’t” Raise your standards in to what you receive and give. Don’t confuse yourself with expectations and standards. An expectation- when not met will have you be left feeling disappointed and emotional. When a standard is not met a decision will be made to meet the needs of your standard. Be thankful for everything, love yourself and every experience, person and whatever you have in life.


Being passionate is about identifying what you are passionate about and striving to follow it with gratitude.


Peace & Love

Passion to Purpose Coach

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Michael Sorgiovanni