5 step to receive what you deserve!

This week I had the privilege of assisting an amazing women, she has had the most extraordinary life that unfortunately was constructed around pain. It is amazing how strong we can be when strength and the will to survive is all we know. 

We all have a story and have experienced some form of emotions that have caused a negative impact in our life. However it’s what we do with these emotions that makes us individuals, because majority of people will just accept what they have and what they get. 

We become conditioned by our experiences and a certain standard is set sub consciously to what we believe we deserve in life. If you are not getting what you want or feeling the way you would like to feel, it is because on some level you lack the belief that you deserve to receive. So in my opinion self development and goal setting is a very important thing in our life. But the most important thing on goal setting is that you work hard on your goals. 

This can be programmed into you by modelling your parents and family members as a child. If you had parents that felt they deserved more, that may have given you the belief that others deserve more than you. Maybe you come from a background of lack and all you experienced was people just surviving their way through life. This could possibly condition you in a way that every event must be challenging because at a core level it is what you know life to be. 

Yes these deep programs and beliefs will take some more time and effort to change, but nonetheless they are your beliefs and programs that you are allowing to run your life and only you have the opportunity to change them. 

How to make the change..

1. Grab a piece of paper and divide the page into 3 columns.

2. On the left side of the page write down all the things you want to stop happening to you in your life, create a nice list of all the crappy things. 

3. In the middle column write down what you do want instead of those you wrote that you are sick of. Keep them aligned on the page with those in the left column. 

4. In the last column create an affirmation that begins with either “I Deserve” or “I Am” and I want you to do it in such a way that if you were to tell yourself something and that something would be taken serious and create a powerful impact and change in your life. What would the words look like? 

5. Look in the mirror and confirm these affirmations to the amazing individual that looks back at you. This may feel uncomfortable for many at the beginning, so uncomfortable you might even try and convince yourself out of it. This is a good thing, challenge yourself I’m sure you’ve experienced harder things in life than loving yourself. 

Make this a ritual every morning look in the mirror and repeat… until it becomes a belief. You will see the difference over time and start to feel deserving of receiving. 

Enjoy and have fun with this!

Peace & Love 

Michael Sorgiovanni