There’s a trend to blame, we see people play the blame game everyday whether it’s our friends, family or work colleagues. Blaming something/someone for the way they are feeling, for their financial situation, for being unhealthy or an unfulfilling career, which in most cases it does not seem to be the individual’s fault.

Now this is an unfortunate mindset that we have all been taught at a young age, through the media, religions our school’s, families, and the list’s go on. Does this excuse us from what is happening in our lives, seeming that it wasn’t our fault?

No… it doesn’t and ill explain why…. Finding an excuse as to why our lives aren’t the way we want them is just another way of finding a reason to let you off the hook from taking responsibility and directing your energy to some external person/situation/physical object. I must admit I’ve been here countless times growing up and if anyone believes they haven’t been here their just lying to themselves.

Reason as to why we don’t get what we want in life is because if we have been living on the effect side (reasons) of life as apposed to living on the cause side (results) and getting what you want.

Believe it or not most the world are predominantly on the effect side of the equation, I mean just an example, if you look at our media system it refers to constant negativity that is providing people with excuses why they shouldn’t do something in life.

If you continue to live on the effect side you will continue to be faced with reasons/excuses for where you are, governed by a way of thinking that blocks off your creativity and narrows your choices and freedom. It’s time to make a change and to shift this way of thinking.

Imagine this…If you were to consistently take responsibility for your state of affairs and be on the cause side, knowing that its no one else’s fault. Taking responsibility for your past, present and future, what can that do for you? How would that change the way you act in life?

It would be empowering; you would take back your power in life to change your health, relationship, or career. Knowing that all the limitations you have are yours and therefore you can work on releasing them to achieve what it is you desire.

This statement “C>E”. Cause and effect: the two sides we can be living on in life. A cause causes a certain effect, if I am punishing myself for getting something wrong all day it may cause the effect of depression.

The cause side of the equation is where a person is responsible for their actions and is achieving results, and then a person on the effects side is usually the person finding reasons and excuses in things.

Cause > Effect

 Responsibility (Results) v Reasons (Excuses)

= Empowerment

If you choose to move to the cause side of the equation it will be an empowering experience, it will give you power to change any area of your life, it puts you back in control of your destiny and you wont except anything less than what you want and deserve.

Much Love

Michael Sorgiovanni 
Transformational Coach