Making decisions by far is your most powerful asset which enables change. Things will not change in your life without the making a decision. Every experience you have and have had in life, where significant change and success occur, it is stemmed and created from a decision. Our dreams and desires become reality just from making one decision.

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 If there are areas in your life where you are not satisfied, all you have to do is start making some positive decisions to change them, this is your key to getting all you desire in life and becoming the person you want to be in the future.

Like anything in life that provides us with positive results and substance it usually takes a certain amount of commitment to see results.

“Decision-making is an act of choosing between two or more actions”.

Making a decision can be a difficult process for people and something we witness everyday whether it be in business and in other aspects of life. Some people just can’t make decisions, leaving others to make the decisions for them; resulting in an outcome they don’t necessarily want in life.

The truth of the matter is we are consistently making decisions everyday, sometimes its an unconscious decision, these daily decisions could be choosing between the apple or the banana or choosing what to wear. More in depth decisions are the one’s that change our lives, our future, wouldn’t it be great if these decisions were as easy to make as the simple day to day one’s.

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 Let’s discuss some ways that you can go about making life-changing decisions.

Realize your power to make decisions.

Before making any major decision in your life, check your decision making ability.

If you were to assess yourself on a daily basis on the decision’s you make in comparison to the ones you delegate or redirect to someone else because your not comfortable or even fearful, what would be the percentage? Acknowledging every decision that you make will be your first step to empowering your ability. Everyday you are put in situations that you must make a decision; if you don’t there will be consequences.

“With every decision there will be a consequence, whether it will be a positive one or negative one is up to you”.

A great way to view decision making is from the perspective that making a decision is like building a muscle, like any muscle, the more you train it, the stronger it becomes and the better the results will be.

 Act upon your decisions.

There is no point in making a decision and not following it through. When you make a decision, you also need to take relevant actions to make it ‘real’.

A real decision has a cut off period, how long you think of something you create in your mind without following it through with actions, determines the outcome of it being a life changing decision or just a fantasy.

If you want to make some changes in life, then make it a habit to commit to your decisions, by taking action your thoughts and following it through until it is completed. By having consistent practice, you will be confident about your next decision.

Learn from your past decisions.

If you failed to follow through a decision and decide you’re ready for the desired outcome that lead to you making that decision initially; review the decision. Was there a reason subconsciously you hadn’t followed it through?

On the other hand, have you regretted an outcome from a decision you have made before and are now faced with again?

Ask yourself what you can learn to make a better decision next time.

Go with your instinct.

Some people take too much time to decide or are afraid of what will happen next. They go through all the pro’s and con’s of the decision, deep exploration and cautious planning. Bee confident and trust your instinct about your decisions.

Every life changing decision is made on an unconscious level so you need to start trusting your intuition.

You trust your unconscious mind to breath for you while you sleep at night and keep your heart beating… so there is no reason you can’t trust the first thought that comes to your mind.

Explore your options and select the best solution.

If you are satisfied with your decision, and it feels right then decide when you will ‘action’ it. Big decisions can have some risk factors, if you are unsure, you might want to use a risk analysis approach-prioritize and evaluate the best option to take. If it is a major decision you might want use some tools like the Decision Matrix Analysis Approach, this is particularly useful if you there is a lot to consider.

 Have fun making decisions.

Sometimes the decision making process is not fun at all, but could be if you were to ‘decide’ to make it a fun experience. Treating it like a game and having fun with it, will expose a lot about yourself. It opens up your creative side.

 Your decisions can have a profound effect later on. With every decision you make, be present, and acknowledge how it empowers you and makes you feel.

 Much Love

 Living Your Power Now