3 simple steps to find peace in life


Find Peace in you life

If I were to ask you do you remember when was the last time you stopped and just did something for yourself, something that you enjoy, what would the answer be? No? Or not recently? If you answer this questions with yes you have to find peace in your life.


It is easy to get caught up in life. Life can just get so busy and we blink our eyes and another day is over. We get so caught up with making excuses to not go here because we have to do this. We just never seem to get around to catching up with that friend or doing that hobby you like. The worst part is many of us feel guilty if we spend even a few moments other that to improve their career or work!


We live in a very fast paced world and time is so valuable, every second counts to us. You are worried about bills, commitments, and targets etc. Some days you feel like you have the world over your shoulders. Most of us share this reality and it would be in your favour to learn how to find peace in all the chaos before you get sick or run yourself down. Your journey is about staying on top of your game without loosing your life or health, so you have to find peace and do your work.

Here a three things to give yourself to find peace:

Spend time with your loved ones

While it looks impossible most of the time, it is possible if you want to make time for it. We all think our friends, family and loved ones are around all the time and it’s the whole concept of us believing we have all the time in the world. When we believe this we tend to do nothing and a few months go by and you haven’t seen anyone or spent time with them. Connecting with people you care about is rewarding as it calms and slows you down, it puts your mind at ease and will change your focus off the stress. It grounds you in the moment!

Meditate to find peace

Meditation does not need to be a religious process – you can choose to do what ever you want as long as your goal is to get yourself in calm state. Albert Einstein was an extraordinary man and he had one of those minds that just kept going. His process was to hold a pen in his fingers, close his eyes and just breath and as soon as the pen dropped he knew it was time to get up. Meditation is all about spending time to calm your mind and body, to be relaxed and peaceful!

Allow time for yourself

The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself, because this is your life and if you aren’t going to take control of your life then someone else will, with this you find peace easily. We all play different roles in life – you can be the mother, father, friend or partner. We are so talented that we can play so many different roles in life but one important thing we tend to forget is to nurture ourselves. It doesn’t matter how busy you are or how your day went – allocating time for yourself will give a limitless amount of benefits. Creating a true relationship with yourself will determine your relationship with others and I mean that in regards to what kind of chaos you attract in your life. If you find your peace within it will reflect in your world. So whether it is 10 minutes or 1 hour make the commitment to do something alone. You could read a book, go for a walk, do something that is just for you and only you until you feel a tad selfish – it will make you happy and refreshed.


These are just three simple things that you can implement into your life easily to find peace. Peace is presence and the only way you will know how to experience presence is to have a relationship with yourself, stop and feel the good in all and see the love you have all around you.

Peace & Love

Passion to Purpose Coach

Michael Sorgiovanni