Are you in need for some motivation? Or do you think you need some more time to think about it?..:-)

Motivation would have to be one of the largest topics on the Internet in the context of self-improvement, and there are many great articles and recourses that will assist you. But.. There seems to be a misconception with some individuals and that is if someone that is lacking motivation in their life and has a severe case of procrastination means they have a psychological problem and require therapy. I mean there is no doubt that there is a greater issue to someone that has a severe case, but if it is just an issue with procrastination does is require a therapist or psychologist? I would say no!

Procrastination is merely a state just like motivation they both have emotions that drive them, and as I have mentioned in previous articles, any state you desire can be achieved in seconds.

In life there is always a positive in every situation and procrastination doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative it is sometimes required to get us to think logically before we make a decision, and prevent those regretful situations.

Then there’s that other type of procrastination the negative type “The Time Thief”. This type of procrastination does have a positive but it does require you to take action and get off your ass and do something as appose to nothing.

There are two types of Motivation and to have the best results in dealing with procrastination it would be to recognize which approach will work best for yourself and the situation.

  1. Towards Motivation: is when we put more emphasis on the benefits of doing something, we move towards a goal and it is our values and feelings that drive us in the context of what we are intending to achieve. We are driven by all the positive vision’s or feeling’s that will lead us to success.
  1. Away From Motivation: is when we put more emphasis on the negative results we might get by not taking action. We focus on the vision or feelings we would have if we failed or just didn’t do anything. This way is refereed to, as the negative way of motivation however is very necessary in some situations and individuals.

With self-motivation you can break new grounds, learn new things, change your circumstances and give your life new meaning.

Here are 10 ways to get motivated:

1.   Mind

Engage your mind daily in something new and challenging. Try filling in a crossword, listen to new music, read a book and allow yourself to be challenged. Purpose to learn something new every single day.

2.   Organize

Planning is important. When everything is disorganized it loses meaning. Plan ahead. Plan for the next day at work from what to wear to what to eat and you will anticipate to see that day so as to live through the activities you have planned.

3.   Talk

Verbal communication is what makes the world go round. Make a new friend, talking to other people opens a new scope of thinking as you learn new cultures and new ways of doing things, and a new appreciation of life develops.

4.   Insight

This refers to a new level of understanding. The only way to get insight is by being open to learn from others, being daring enough to take up new activities and get challenged. A broader understanding brings self-drive.

5.   Variety

Doing the same things can be boring. Take a trip, change your wardrobe, change your hair or try out something new. Variety spices up your life. You will be surprised at the things you can do.

 6.  Attitude 

Optimism cannot be over emphasized. To get motivated the glass should always be half full in your eyes. From the worst of circumstances, look for the very best and express gratitude.

 7.   Teach

 Teaching what you know to somebody else brings satisfaction and spreads joy leaving you fulfilled and encourages you to know more.

8.   Incentive

Reward yourself. A personal incentive encourages discipline.

9.   Opportunity

When we look around us, there are a lot of things that we can do differently and change our circumstances. Cease every chance to better your life and learn new ways to grow and assist others.

10.  Nurture

Improve on the skills you already and learn more every day. From the simplest of things like how to bake something new to the more complex things like learning how to play an instrument.

Motivation is all inside you. Your mind is your limitation.

Get a picture of what you want to achieve and see how it makes you feel, get right in that experience and hear what is going on there, really be associated and hold that picture in you mind and repeat this process over and over until you are there. This simple process will get you out of procrastination an into motivation.

Much Love

Michael Sorgiovanni