Have you ever wondered how to get happiness or more confidence?


It is universally common for us as humans to search and crave that feeling of happiness and get happiness; we are consistently testing and accessing the waters to determine what it is that we are craving. We sometimes live our life pushing and pulling the things we love to get a feeing or response or even some recognition. In some cases we manifest situations of pain to experience a sense of pleasure from it.



These behaviours are unconscious programs created through your life and are running on such a deep level that most of the time, you are not aware of them consciously and it would even seem to absurd to believe you that do those things intentionally. These behaviours are interesting, and there are many reasons why we do them and experience the feelings we feel. I won’t be summing it up in this article, however what I am going to present is a methodology to override and create new programs in its simplest form.


The first question I will ask you is, what makes a person happy and how to get happiness?


This isn’t going to be the answer for eternal happiness, however will describe a simple strategy based on information that you may all be familiar with but not aware of its’ power.


Let’s look at the power of affirmations and how they work.


We all have an incredible ability to control the way we feel, even in the hardest of times when everything seems impossible. How? The first step is to repeat this affirmation 10 times to yourself out loud “I am confident and happy” and at the same time challenge yourself to embody what you are stating about yourself, with this you can get happiness easily.


The purpose of an affirmation to oneself is to adopt a belief that would serve you in the presence and future. If you were to be the things you are saying, you will get the things you want. Make sense? This is positive thinking in its’ simplest form, but creating the outcome by addressing your belief system.


Most people will say an affirmation out loud and have a great result from this in the moment however, don’t seem to follow through. One of the major components to creating long-term change with an affirmation is through repetition.


Repetition to get happiness.


Your unconscious mind is like a computer with a massive span of neurological networks, which requires new information to create new pathways and get happiness. This is where the programs are. At all times, we have billions of nuero-transmitters working in correspondence with ourselves and our lives. We may not see or be conscious of all of these things. It even might seem far-fetched to some, however your whole life is a result of the working together of your conscious and unconscious mind.


In some way, every occurrence that happens in your life is manifested by yourself – by knowing that you are your creator. A new neuro pathway can be created within seconds, through intention of thought or even words. The easy part is creating the new pathway. What people seem to lack, is how to maintain this pathway and create permanent results.


When we say our affirmations to ourselves it creates an energy line, and puts us into an intended state. It is only though repetition and consistency, that the new neural pathways are created. These pathways overtime set the new programs in you brain to how you think and feel.


Think about this for a minute.


Everyday when you finish work, for example around 5pm as you leave your office building. If you were telling yourself or just confirming that you feel tired, it would eventually create a program because you are conditioning yourself to feel that way. There are probably many areas in your life where you could catch yourself, telling yourself something like this and you may not have been aware of this until now because it has just become normality for you to be a certain way.


We don’t question the things that are the problem, we usually question the things we don’t have because of the problem. And don’t know how to get happiness.


Affirmations through repetition can alter your whole life if you choose to commit. No matter the context, whether it be relationships, finances, career, spirituality, health & wellbeing, there are programs running your life right now which are manifesting the results you have.


Commit to make the change.


Peace and love,


Michael Sorgiovanni