We are our daily Rituals!

I firmly believe in this statement to be true. Every week I give my clients small goals to accomplish within the week or fortnight and it is amazing that how the change occurs in different aspects of their lives then to what context the tasking is.

I’ll explain….

Have you ever had negative thoughts?

Have you had an experience when you have dwelled into the negative thoughts so much that 5 minutes later you thought to yourself “I feel like absolute crap”. Your whole body just felt like jelly, you were completely exhausted, and sometimes it seems so impossible to get back to where you were, unless you just ’relax’. Has this happened?

I would not be able to count how many times I have done this to myself through the years.

Lets flip the coin for a minute.

Have you ever had a workout at the gym or gone for a walk and felt so amazing and energized for the whole day? One of those workouts that you absolutely busted out in a sweat and later everything just seemed so brighter and louder, and as your blood pumped intensely through your whole body your mind was so calm and focused.

Can you see the paradox here?

It has been proven in studies that physical exercising has a positive effect on brain function, ranging from molecular to behavioural level. Even exercising for as little as 20 minutes facilitates information processing and memory functions according to a study done by the university of Georgia (usa).

The mind and body work as one. There are  billions and billions of neurons of the brain that form the main control centre of the body. The brain and spinal cord together form the central nervous system where information is processed and responses originate. Theses connections branch out through your entire body.

Another really amazing effect exercising has is it stimulates growth of new connections between cells in the brain. Meaning it makes it easier for the brain to grow new neuronal connections.

Our brain makes new neuronal connections to store all the successful positive changes we make in our lives. If we didn’t make room to store these changes then we wouldn’t grow and develop, we would just continue in so called Groundhog Day.

One of the most important rituals you should have in life is exercising as it raises your life’s vitality!

Much Love

Michael Sorgiovanni 
Transformational Coach