Michael Sorgiavanni

I am Michael

I help people awaken their real empowered self so they can live an extraordinary life on their own terms.


My Story

I know what it takes to create massive change in people because I did it with myself. I experienced a lot of pain and emotions as a child and as a result when I was a teenager I was repeatedly referred to an institution, because of my mental status – deemed not fit to work. I was diagnosed with most mental illnesses and highly medicated for them too. I was really at rock bottom and struggled to find value in life. I had become a slave to the system believing that I was no good and this is what my life and future would look like. Until one day I seeked the assistance of a coach and got a different perspective, because I always had a feeling that this couldn’t be it for me. I still remember my first appointment like it was yesterday, she said something to me that changed my life for the better. It was these small words she said “You only have it if you believe you have it” and it was like an explosion in my head, it just resonated with me in a way that I gave myself permission to live and change my life. It was from there on that I delved into the world of self-development and therapy and invested in myself. I learned most types holistic modalities and emotional techniques that created a result around the world. I invested years in releasing all the trauma and emotions that caused me the pain.

I reprogrammed my brain to see the beauty and love in all things. I discovered who I was in this world and I now serve a great purpose to help individuals let go of all the heaviness and negativity, all the emotions and beliefs that are holding them back from living in their magnificence. I help people get in touch with the passion in themselves and life and to see and live with a purpose.

What Working With Me Looks Like

We are like onions, once we heal a part of our selves and our life a layer is pealed off. Then there is a calling off period where you feel amazing and something might stir up or even you might begin to experience some other issues. This is a way of your unconscious mind letting you know there is another layer that is ready to be healed. How in your life this is presented is determine by everyone’s own unique journey.
It all begins with you! When you obtain the belief that you are responsible for any conflict or issues that may be present in your life, you become the sole driver for any change you want within yourself and ultimately in your life.

This belief allows you to view any challenges from a different perspective and opens up the opportunity for change and healing to occur. This may not be easy at first, but when you crack the belief it is an extraordinary experience.

“There are no problems only opportunities to grow”.
Knowledge is power and if you are educated on the power you have within you to heal and grow, healing becomes an automotive process. This is the beginning stage of my practice.

I am a “work with coach” meaning we go on the journey together to have you feeling and thinking clearly and focused towards you achieving your goals.


Michael from a traditional therapist?

I work a lot with your unconscious mind and your higher consciousness to let go of all the emotions and traumas from the past that may be affecting currently in your life. I use a range of tools and interventions to assist you in letting go of any negative emotions, issues and conflicts. Unlike traditional therapies that allow focus on the content of the issue, my interventions are contextual based which limits the risk of being re-traumatised from any past events.

The processes used are very powerful and the results are fast. We were never taught at school how much of our emotions in the background are having an effect on the events in our lives right now and further the capabilities we possess for extraordinary change.

When working with me my ultimate goal is to help you unleash your greatest qualities and empower you to act on them. I have been privileged to assist many people clear cases of anxiety and depression that were a weight to their lives and to then create a newly inspired and happy life, one they are proud of.

We all possess the passion to live a fulfilling and happy life. Although it may seem that this is lost at times, the truth is our experiences can unconsciously effect how we utilise and direct our passion in our life.

As senseless as it may seem, some may direct their passion to negative areas, like holding anger towards other people.

When we remove the baggage and allow that passion to be focused and projected on what matters it makes you feel amazing. This is the link to your purpose and at this stage your purpose is recognized and you just feel aligned and congruent with in yourself and life. The positive chemicals are activated through your brain and body and you are motivated for more of what is just you.


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